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Young Burglar’s Raw Punishment

Duration: 21:21 min | Released: July 11, 2019

Young Johnny Polak picked the wrong apartment to break into. If he'd known massive muscle man Zack Hood owned the place he would have had second thoughts. Although, come to think of it, perhaps he wouldn't? The big man flies into a rage, understandably so, but when a dude like this has a boy like Johnny to punish it's that tight twink hole that's gonna get it. With his clothes down and his face reddened with slaps the boy is made to suck on that big solid muscle cock, paying for his crime with his wet mouth. The boy is clearly in trouble, but with Zack fucking his face and feeding him precum he can't help but get hard. The boy's cock is rigid, even when Zack bends him over and drives his bareback fuckstick deep into his pucker, ramming him from behind, pinning him on his back by the neck and making Johnny ride his prick. Pumping cream from his young cock Johnny gets off, and Zack isn't far behind, pulling out to unload his cream over the boy before kicking him out. I think it's likely Johnny will be breaking in again in less than a week.

Cast: Zack Hood, Johnny Polak

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