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Dom Boys Pound The Teacher

Duration: 24:31 min | Released: December 30, 2021

Mr. Rossi likes to think he’s a good teacher, one of the cool ones, but he’s in way over his head with these wayward students. These four lads are some of the kinkiest bad boys in school and they’re soon proving it when one of the lads decides it’s time to bully their teacher into serving them. It starts as a joke but in moments Mr. Rossi finds himself on his knees, their youthful wet cocks swinging and slapping his face, each one invading his mouth to be worshiped and sucked. No doubt these boys are well used to serving each other, but now they have a teacher under their control they can’t wait to get wild and crazy. The blow bang only gets hotter as their uniforms are discarded, their rigid penises drooling with delight while Mr. Rossi works hard to please them all. With his big ass exposed they use him between them, every cock jabbing in raw and deep. The boys wank, jeer, thrust and pound until his well used ass is dripping wet with four hot and thick loads of student cream, his pucker aching, the taste of their penises on his tongue. They’ll be getting top grades, no doubt.

Cast: Edwin Mendes, Felix Harris, Giorgio Angelo, Vincent Landi, Mr Rossi

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