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Plastic Wrapped And Pumped With Cock

Duration: 19:10 min | Released: February 4, 2021

Little Tommy is angelic, but devious Giorgio knows how to make the boy spit that cum from his long tanned cock. The boy has been prepped, wrapped tightly in plastic, his dick soon released for greedy Giorgio to play with and tease. That long twinky dick really wants to spurt some juice but Giorgio is going to take his time, sucking the head and wanking the shaft, stopping when he can taste the precum flowing heavily and turning his attention to the boy’s hole. With an opening made for his rampant meat to slide right in he fucks his captive real good, slamming his snug little hole with his stiff length until he can’t stop his own dick from unleashing that thick cream. He makes a big sticky mess and jabs his gooey cock right back inside to seed the boy, but it’s not over for Tommy yet. Finally edged to his own load his semen erupts from his desperate length, jacked in Giorgio’s hand while semen pours from his helmet and his dom’s load leaks from his used bareback ass.

Cast: Tommy Ameal, Giorgio Angelo

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