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New gay slave takes two dom vampire cocks

Duration: 23:50 min | Released: May 24, 2018

Jonny Vega had no idea that when he went to the bar he would become the newest sex slave for vampiric duo Gabriel Phoenix and Thiago Monte. With the latter seeking refuge after being injured by a hunter, Jonny becomes his latest victim, restoring him to full power. The young man is quickly under his spell, sucking on Thiago's throbbing inches, face fucked by the dominant master. When Gabriel arrives hungry and horny the competing alphas almost fight, before realising they can dominate and share their new prize. Poor young Jonny is entirely at their mercy as they stuff their cocks into his mouth and ass, fucking him in both ends, using him like the sex toy he's going to become for as long as they need. He's caught in their spell, sucking dick, getting fucked and drinking cum, a new hunger controlling him and making him spew hot semen over the floor.

Cast: Gabriel Phoenix, Jonny Vega, Thiago Monte

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