MICKEY STARDUST | Feb 26, 2016

Your YOUNG BASTARDS Exclusive Interview: Mickey Taylor

Mickey, within very short time you became a highly recognized international porn star who is working for all the big studios and who is filming with loads of hot guys. Did a teenage dream of yours come true?

This was something I never wanted to do as a kid. No, this wasn't my plan. (laughing) I started because a porn company had been trying to find a way to contact me for a while when I was a fashion model but then they found me on Grindr and after a few months of talking I finally said yes. Ever since then I've loved doing porn and I wouldn't change my decision. My first scene was with Billy Reubens, over two years ago. It was so much fun. Billy was really sweet, too, and everyone made me feel so welcome. I can say that I really had a good start.

During the last year you did film various scenes for YOUNG BASTARDS which soon will get released on the newly relaunched website. How was it to work with Ashton Bradley as a director?

As many people know Ashton and I are best friends and are very close so when we work together we know what each other wants and how to do it. We work really well together. Filming with him is just an easy process - does not even feel like work.

What are the main qualities of a good director?

I now film porn myself so I can say from someone who does: the main thing I'm really looking for is chemistry. Not just between models, but also directors with models. I think directors have an important job to keep morale high and make sure everyone is having fun and a good time but also make sure people need to work when the cameras come on and keep everything running smoothly. I think it's a fine line but when it's done right it's magic and fans see that. For me the key to making any porn scene go smooth is that the two models have chemistry and want to fuck each other, and that both models are professional. So everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves but of course we also need to have the scene done effectively and quickly. I think to shoot high quality porn you need a number of things. A good director and good models are at the centre of those things.

So what happens if the chemistry is not there between the models? How do you manage to get through the scene?

I haven't done a scene where I'm don't have chemistry with a person. Well, actually I did once and it really didn't work and I felt like the scene looked bad. I only like to work with guys I find attractive and think I would have fun with. I always ask to know who I'm working with before a scene so I can look at them at chat. If i don't think it will work then I say no and ask for someone else. I always wanna do great work for my fans.

Talking about „the Boys“, your partners in front of the camera. Is it a blessing or rather a boon to be facing all this sexiness and testosterone permanently? How do you draw a line between professional and private sex live? Or is it not even necessary to draw a line?

I don't like always being round so much sex. I think you have to have a point where you know your normal life can't be the same as your porn life or it takes over and has a hold. I have a boyfriend who is in the industry so we have a strong healthy balance in our normal life. We fuck everyday but only with each other. Chem-Sex parties, Grindr, and random hook ups are things I don't do and I don't escort either so that helps draw a healthy line between my life and porn.

Aside from a sexy bum you also have a beautiful voice. There have been several music projects of yours in the past, please tell us about your latest strike!

I just released my first album - Puppets Lament - which has been really good. It went into the iTunes chart which was amazing and now I'm on tour which is great fun! It was something I never believed it would happen and never planned it. Fans wanted me to release a song and then when I did they wanted more so I started to work on the album. I'm just glad it went well and so many people like it.

Which personal goal do you want to achieve during this year?

I think at the moment I have achieved the goals I wanted to reach. For this year i think my main goal is to just be happy and enjoy life to the full and have a great time. But I am sure some more porn will come up soon!

See full link inside Young Bastards members area.

See full link inside Young Bastards members area.

BOUND | Feb 16, 2016

Slaves To Their Cocks

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Starring Timmy Treasure, Reece Bentley, Dylan Thorne, Danny Montero, Nathan Hope, Tyler Jenkins, Cody Rivers, Jack Green and Harry Alexander

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Before the Hustlaball party gets raunchy, each year the Hustlaball Awards are given to the creme de la creme of European and US porn biz. "GayPornMama" Mr. Pam hosted the show this year and did bring some much needed glamour to Germany's sleaziest event.

Angel Cruz, hot-blooded model from Spain, who filmed one of his very first porn scenes ever back in 2010 for Spritzz, was honoured BEST TOP at this years ceremony. Check out the scene featuring the little skinny toy boy with the long hair who those days was still travelling as a bottom!

All star porno punk Mickey Taylor from the UK did win BEST VERSATILE performer. While Mickey already shot some hot spunk for our partner studio Young Bastards, his first scene for Spritzz is still to be released. Check out our newsletter so you don't miss it!

Congratulations to your awards, guys!