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Breath Control Blowjob, Bare Fucking and Cum Shower

Duration: 10:12 min | Released: September 21, 2017

Koda Ducati dare not fight back as he's dragged naked into Jason Domino’s office. His ass is red raw from being brutalised by three thick dicks. Jason forces the unwilling sub to his knees and fills his mouth with his manly cock. He rams it down Koda’s throat and pinches his nose to control his breath. As the other guys circle-jerk, Jason throws Koda over a table where his battered butt-hole takes another rubber-free hammering. The lad is nearly done-in when he’s put on the floor to take a body wash of tough-man cum.

Cast: Koda Ducati, Titus Snow, Tyler Jenkins, Jason Domino, Sam Syron

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