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Two cocks up the ass

Duration: 24:37 min | Released: June 18, 2015

In the repair garage trainee Jesco (18) is taking his lunch break when suddenly two guys turn up. Mika (21) and Rocco (21) don't hang about for long and grab hold of the defenceless boy, 'cos they wanna have fun! Jesco gets pushed around, spat on and before he knowns it he is already down on his knees and has to suck two hard cocks. He gets Mika's 20x6cm knob and Rocco's hard rod stuffed in his face at the same time, until he almost gets lock-jaw. On the work bench Jesco is first of all stuffed by Mika - until Rocco joins in and also fucks his dick into Jesco's hole. Jesco's ass has to endure quite a bit before the two tops cum and then just leave their victim lying there...

Cast: Rocco Berlin, Mika Poika Jesco

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