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Rough boy gives young twink Noah a cummy ass

Duration: 15:21 min | Released: June 14, 2018

When Tristan needs to shoot off a load he doesn't ask for permission. The sight of sexy young Noah is just too much for him to resist and he grabs the boy to fuck him. It's a good thing this sweet looking little twink is more slutty than he looks, after the initial surprise of being grabbed he's more than pleased by the delicious dong Tristan is soon shoving in his face. No more encouragement is needed by the rough young man to have Noah bent over and giving up his hole for some licking and fingering, soon to be fucked by that big raw meat. Tristan slides his length between those cheeks and fills the boy up, easing in and out, savouring the incredible pleasure of Noah's sweet ass. The boy's cock is thick and throbbing with delight as Tristan slams his hole, making Noah splash milky mess over himself. The feel of that tight hole convulsing around his own cock soon has Tristan giving the boy a cummy ass as thanks.

Cast: Noah, Tristan

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