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Fucked raw and drenched in twink piss

Duration: 19:21 min | Released: March 8, 2018

Milan is a handsome and very kinky boy, and although his friend Alex isn't used to any of this he's going to teach the young man what it's like to ride a naked cock and get drenched in twink piss. The boys start out in the pool where Milan shows his friend what a proper cock sucking feels like, and it's certainly enough to have Alex wanting more. With his ass licked out and his dick dripping juice they head to the lounger to get more comfortable. Alex gets a taste of his handsome pal's delicious cock, then it's time for him to try the real deal. His ass gets a little more licking, but soon enough Milan is cramming his big boner right into that tight young hole! Alex can't take it, the urge to piss is too strong. With his friend prodding at his insides he lets loose with a stream of urine, drenching himself with his wee. It's immediately clear he loves it, his cock is so hard as he changes position to ride his new friend, taking it all the way and taking time for some ass-to-mouth before more piss starts to spew. By the end of their encounter Alex is a changed boy, empty of jizz, with an aching hole and drenched in twink piss.

Cast: Alex, Milan

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