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His aching hole takes a hard hate fuck

Duration: 14:34 min | Released: June 28, 2018

David Valentin should know better than to piss off fighter Ludwig. The handsome hunk doesn't like someone getting up in his face like that, and when a guy dares to try it they can expect a hard lesson. David is no match for the man when he's out of control, spitting in the fuckers face and making him gag on his cock. Tearing his shorts open to get at David's ass he spits in his pucker and jams his fat fingers into his hole, making him whimper. Ludwig's long uncut cock slams up into David's tight ass, jabbing him open as the fighter owns his butt and uses him for his own pleasure. David knows he has to comply if he's going to survive this, submitting to the fucking and taking that dick from behind, bent over and on the floor. Glistening with sweat, spit and precum he takes his final humiliation as Ludwig jerks off in his face, splashing hot cum over him and showing him one final time that no one treats him like that and gets away with their ass intact.

Cast: David Valentin, Ludwig

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