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At the mercy of his master's cock

Duration: 22:29 min | Released: July 5, 2018

Master Gabriel Phoenix has a new slave to use in the form of naked young Guillermo. The submissive captive has only one job, and that's to satisfy his owner's needs whenever his vampiric thirst or hunger for ass takes over. After a feast of red nectar the master's cock starts to throb, his balls churning up a cum load that needs to be released. Obedient Guillermo begins his mission to satisfy his master with his mouth, sucking that tasty devilish dick and drinking the precum oozing from the tip while Gabriel feeds him. Guillermo's hairy slave ass is tight and delicious, but the the master needs more than a lick of that pucker. Sliding his shaft between his slave's hairy cheeks he pounds that rump hard, fucking Guillermo deep and making him ride his engorged length, finally ending with a rewarding taste of both their cum loads.

Cast: Gabriel Phoenix, Guillermo

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