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Twink victim can't fight off a horny jock & his rampant cock

Duration: 17:59 min | Released: January 25, 2018

When fit young jock Jordan Fox needs to satisfy his carnal urges he doesn't hold back in taking what he wants. He's out on the prowl, stalking the corridors of a dark sex club and seeking a tight twink victim hole to use. The poor boy who eventually stumbles into this trap stands no chance against this aggressive predator as Jordan knocks him to the ground and proceeds to use his mouth and ass for his own pleasure. His uncut jock dick is wet and throbbing, soon plunging between those tight cheeks as he fucks his captive on the dirty ground. After humping his craven cock in and out of that snug ass he feels his cum load rising and ready to be released, making his poor victim swallow his jock cream. After using that hole and feeding the boy his jizz he disappears back into the shadows, perhaps seeking another twink victim to thrust himself upon?

Cast: Jordan Fox Anonymous Dude

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