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Excess All Areas

The Selfie Generation

RAW Edition

Young, hung and horny fucktoy boys need to satisfy and worship hard cocks just to feel useful. These lucky lads have found just the right tops to give them the servitude they crave, rewarding their devotion with some rough and rugged fucking. These needy whores can’t sink low enough in their need to please, handing their sub bodies over for forceful foreplay and merciless poundings by their brutal fuck buddies. Five scenes, eleven bastards and countless reasons to dump your load!

Models: Reece Bentley, Mickey Taylor, Luke Desmond, Levi Stephans, James Lain, Jeremy Chris, Damian Gomez, Josh Jared, Ashley Hayes, Deacon Hunter, Luke Vogel
Regie: Ashton Bradley

Cruised & Abused

A Raw Temptation

RAW Edition

Take one old factory and add stacks of fuck-hungry young meat – fit twinks and chav lads hunting for the next cum-loaded bareback fuck! Hard cocks slamming in every hole they can get. Horny dudes pumping fresh sperm up each other’s asses. Raw breeding at its best!

Models: Mickey Taylor, Reece Bentley, Ashton Bradley, Nathan Gear, Deacon Hunter, Lincoln Gates, Riley Tess, Cameron Wilson, Corey Connor
Regie: Ashton Bradley

Darkroom Twinks

Vom Trieb gesteuert

There’s nothing like a dark backroom to let off steam. A few horny twinks come straight from the street to suck XXL cocks through glory holes and fuck with whoever comes close. Five cum drenched stories with sex crazed young blokes and lots of anonymous sex!

Models: Mika Poika, Skylar Blu, Philippe Delvaux, Roberto Gruber, Niklas Baumgärtner, Chase Evans, Mark Laurent
Regie: Max Jaeger

Prison Camp 2

Anal Assault

In this prison camp young inmates are at the mercy of brutal guards and used for all sorts of perverse games. But this is only a foretaste of much more hardship... Caution: Getting sperm into your mouth carries the risk of HIV infection. Please get all the relevant information before playing the sex games featured in this film!

Models: Jordan Fox, Luke Desmond, Greg Centuri, Skylar Bu, Troy Daniels, Lloyd Adams, Chris Young, Cristian Martin, Lucas Davidson
Regie: Lux / Michel / Lucas

Prison Camp

Fucked Into Submission

A prison camp cut off from all form of civilisation. The young inmates have no choice but to give in to violent guards as they are ruthlessly used and abused as mere sex objects...

Models: Jordan Fox, Luke Desmond, Troy Daniels, Dean Burke, Greg Centuri, Skylar Blu, Lucas Davidson, Chris Young, Basti Winkler, Lloyd Adams, Cristian Martin
Regie: Lux / Michel / Lucas

Piss and Big Dicks

Junge Typen haben Durst

Young pervs drink piss and have lots of fun with huge cocks. Basti gets a good humping from his mate Flo after a good guzzle of beer and pee. Two twinks get arrested by a team of track workers and deserve a special treatment. It’s a fisting fest in the open air and super-well endowed Luke ends up drinking his own piss. Six scenes at a breathless pace featuring the hottest twinks around.

Models: Basti Winkler, Florian Hagen, Greg Centuri, JP Dubois, Maxxime Furie, Dean Burke, Lucas Davidson, Greg Centuri, Kai Cruz, Cristian Martin, Luke Pascoe, David Seal
Regie: Max Jaeger

Berlin. Beer. Bondage.

Junge Opfer hart gefickt.

On the streets of Berlin lads get picked up to be used in dingy basements by a bunch of domineering machos. Piss, bondage, beer and whacking, they'll resort to any suitable method to humiliate their victims who must indulge their every sexual whim. However Mika manages to overpower his master and gets his revenge... Five horny scenes featuring a pillory, spanking benches, handcuffs, spitting, loads of piss and superb cumshots!

Models: Mika Poika, Basti Winkler, Greg Diesel, Ruben Litzky, Maxxime Furie, David Lemarque, Moskito, Stephan Gainer
Regie: Max Jaeger



During an extreme breath control game little Eric takes a good pounding from macho Jordan and is so violently throttled that his face turns blue. The young macho has the little bastard totally under his control! Three lads subject their mate to a hefty gangbang because he lost a game. Florian blindfolds his pal and as a surprise brings with him a penis pump and a leather man. In five scenes the YOUNG BASTARDS get their rocks off like there's no tomorrow.

Models: Jordan Fox, Florian Hagen, Kirk James, Ruben Fux, Eric Angeletti, Kenny Carlson, Marco Valente, Jordan Romeo, Lucky Joe, Dirk Degger, Rado
Regie: Max Jaeger


Hard Sex Drive

Three mates hang around together with a few beers and get stoned. In the end Brett is so out of it that the other two lads manage to handcuff and lay into him. During a weekend trip Kai and his mate end up by chance in an SM flat. They go through their first spanking and wax dripping experience with great curiosity. Young Philippe gets his tight little arsehole stretched with a huge dildo before being poked by Zahos's massive cock. YOUNG BASTARDS features on this DVD five very cool scenes with lots of piss, cum and horny experiments.

Models: Basti Winkler, Ruben Fux, Kai Cruz, Florian Hagen, Philippe Delvaux, Zaho Sebastian Mann, Brett Carter, Rocco Berlin, Kris
Regie: Max Jaeger

Abgefickt und Vollgepisst

Fucked and Pissed

BEST EUROPEAN COVER - Hustlaball Award 2010

Cool boys who only have hardcore sex in mind and thick cocks in their pants - these are the YOUNG BASTARDS on this DVD. Piss, domination, and 2-in-1 fucks are just a few examples of their horny games. Jesco (18) gets rammed by two dicks at the same time and Ruben (25) has to take rough beatings and kicks and let himself be humiliated. In five scenes eleven horny, sexy guys show us what's what!

Models: Jordan Fox, Kai Cruz, Mika Poika, Rocco Berlin, Timo Krupp, Basti Winkler, Ivan Rueda, Brett Carter, Ruben Fux, Dirk Berger, Jesco
Regie: Max Jaeger
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